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A new way to kick start your Trading Journey is to trade for a Proprietay Trading Firm! Why, you ask? If you’re ready to dramatically change your trading career the reason is within ones skill set, here’s why; you must have the skills, discipline and a trading roadmap when trading the Forex! You can become a funded forex trader. Once you do, you will be responsible for managing your capital that the firm gives you. Accounts sizes vary between $5,000 unto $400,000. There are 3 Prop Trading Firms listed below which are: FTMO, Audacity Capital, and TopStep TraderFX for you to become the next contracted FX Trader. With a small investment in yourself, choose your account size; then showcase your trading style, pass the verification phase and You’re Funded! Your job is to manage your risk while trading the Forex and the Firm’s Capital.
Check out our B WallStreet LLC Mentorship Package or download your copy of the Candlestick Trading Bible, under the Shop BWS Tab, for Training. Save your income and leverage OPM ( other people money ) to become a Funded Forex Trader!
Account size(s) start at $5,000 up to $400,000.

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